Coker, Ann L., Cook-Craig, Patricia G., Williams, Corrine M., FIsher, Bonnie S., Clear, Emily R., Garcia, Lisandra S., & Hegge, Lea M., (2011). Evaluation of Green Dot: An Active Bystander Intervention to Reduce Sexual Violence on College Campuses. Violence Against Women.17(6): 777-796. (click here for pdf)

Evaluation Assessment

The professionals at Green Dot, etc. are not committed to any specific program, but rather to the successful prevention of power-based personal violence. Given the daily human cost of this violence, close scrutiny of violence prevention efforts is imperative. As such, we have worked to engage internationally respected, independent researchers to evaluate our programs and publish results in peer reviewed, scientific journals. Our work will be driven by outcome data and not by personal investment in any specific program.

Though the Green Dot Violence Prevention Strategy is heavily informed by research across multiple disciplines, it is a young program that is still in the early stages of evaluation. Studies that are recently completed or currently underway are listed below. As results, publications, and additional studies become available, they will be accessible from this site.

Study: Green Dot Across the Bluegrass: Evaluation of primary prevention intervention to reduce sexual violence in high schools.

Funder: Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Principal Investigators:
Ann Coker, Ph.D., University of Kentucky,
and Patty Cook-Craig, Ph.D., University of Kentucky

Study: Grant to Prevent Violent Behavior Among College Students.

Funder: Department of Education
Principal Investigator:
Rick Zimmerman, Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University

Study: College Pilot: Does Teaching Bystanding Behaviors Increase Bystanding and Change Social Norms Supporting Violence? The University of Kentucky Experience.

Ann L, Coker,
Patricia G. Cook-Craig,
Corrine M. Williams,
Bonnie S. Fisher,
Emily R. Clear,
Lisandra S. Garcia,
Lea M. Hegge

Study: Multi-site College Pilot

Principal Investigator:
Ann Coker, Ph.D., University of Kentucky


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