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We are excited to finally launch the official Green Dot etc. Gear Store. This is the one-stop-shop for all things Green Dot etc.. From hats to t-shirts to pens and water bottles - we are hoping this store will be an effective and efficient way to support the social marketing aspect of Green Dot etc. and will create a great opportunity for folks to do proactive green dots.

The social marketing component of the Green Dot etc. Violence Prevention Strategy is as intentional as the curriculum design. Marketing and consumer behavior research tells us that in order to most effectively engage individuals with our message, we must be clear, consistent, simple and interesting. The products in our store are designed with that in mind. These products should be used by programs as part of your overall Green Dot etc. strategy to: (1) create a community “buzz” around violence prevention efforts, (2) reinforce messages of the bystander training, and (3) strengthen and expand the reach of trained participants.

At an individual level, Green Dot etc. gear can be used to: (1) spark conversations which provide opportunities to explain Green Dot etc., (2) endorse the value of bystander intervention simply by what you are wearing or displaying, and (3) symbolize your commitment to violence prevention. These products are also an excellent way for individuals to do their own Green Dots by wearing gear, giving Green Dot etc. gifts, and supporting our ongoing prevention efforts across the globe.



The items we sell in bulk are priced with very little profit margin - as the primary function is to support the local efforts of organizations launching Green Dot etc.. For this reason, only certified, trained Green Dot etc. instructors that are implementing the Green Dot etc. strategy can buy in bulk. 100% of the limited proceeds that are generated are put back into operations and training efforts in the form of scholarships for individuals and institutions to ensure everyone that believes the Green Dot etc. prevention strategy could benefit their community will have access.



In the Bulk section of the store, we have attempted to provide a wide variety of products and designs from which to choose. However, please know that we will work with you to create or customize for your needs. If you don’t see the product you envision on the site, let us know. Chances are really, really good that we can find it for you and give you a good price. See the item you want, but want a different design on it? We can work with you on that too. Just give Marigail Sexton a buzz and she will make it work ( And, be sure to check back often, as we will be adding new products regularly!



You should receive individual items within 7-10 business days of your order (unless you choose to pay for expedited shipping). Production of bulk items can take from 10-15+ days. Shipping options apply to the time POST PRODUCTION. For instance, if you choose 2-day shipping, you will receive your order 2 days AFTER THE ITEMS ARE PRODUCED (so your order would arrive 15+ working days later). Please contact us directly at if you need your order to arrive by a specific date (ie. in time for an event) so that we can work together to fill your order in time. Please be aware that custom orders may take additional time.



Items are sold individually to (1) raise money for local, national and international violence prevention efforts, and (2) so that individuals can use the gear to generate Green Dot etc. conversations within their own sphere of influence. Anyone can buy Green Dot etc. gear. A portion of every purchase is tax deductible and will be accompanied by a letter of contribution to a non-profit that can be used for tax purposes. 50% of proceeds from the sale of individual items will be used to support the general operations of the Green Dot, etc. non-profit organization and 50% of the proceeds will be given to support local efforts in the form of small grants. Solicitations for grants will be released on a continuing basis as funds are generated. Supporting Violence Prevention Efforts While we do not mandate that Green Dot etc. gear can only be ordered from us - we do urge you to consider ordering from the official Green Dot etc. site – as all revenue is put toward the mission we are all devoted to: the reduction of power-based personal violence! We appreciate your support and welcome your feedback and suggestions. We also look forward to all of your ideas for new Green Dot etc. products! Our collective efforts are defining what is possible...a world with less violence!




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At Green Dot, etcetera,  our work goes beyond the Green Dot program itself. As leaders in violence prevention, we provide training, technical assistance, and program development for individuals, schools, and organizations both domestically and internationally as they work to foster safe communities. We are proud to be a technical assistance provider for the U.S. Department of Justice, Office o Violence Against Women Campus Program.  To learn more about that initiative, please visit our OVW Technical Assistance section.


Check out Dorothy Edwards discussing Green Dot on Kentucky Educational Television.

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We are collaborating with Hollaback! to support their amazing efforts to address street harassment. To learn more about street harassment and how you can do your part to reduce it, check out