A foundational tenant of the Green Dot etc. violence prevention strategy is the belief that we cannot expect others to engage in a process we are not willing to engage in ourselves.

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On-site Training

On-site training is available. Contact info@livethegreendot.com for more information on bringing the Green Dot etc. training to your community.

Green Dot Institutes

The next Green Dot Institute is May 1-4, 2017 in Arlington, Virginina.  It is a College training. Click here to learn more and register.


The Green Dot etc. primary prevention initiative is a new way of thinking about and doing prevention. Green Dot etc. is about culture change – harnessing the power of individual choices to shift our current norms. It was designed by integrating some of the best research on social change, diffusion of innovation, communication, persuasion, bystander intervention, and perpetrator patterns into a program that makes practical sense.

The Institute provides training for those who want to be Green Dot etc. instructors for their organization, communities, agencies or universities. Participants will be certified to implement the Green Dot etc. violence prevention strategy within their organization. The training will include a comprehensive review of the philosophy, research-base, and curriculum of Green Dot etc.

Green Dot etc. Instructor Certification:

This training equips the participant with:

  • An introduction to the Green Dot etc. model and a new language of prevention
  • A comprehensive understanding of the research-base of Green Dot etc. and its application
  • Effective strategies for addressing long-standing points of resistance
  • A personalized script used for implementation of the Green Dot etc. 30-60 minute Overview Talk used to introduce Green Dot etc. to your community and build support
  • A detailed curriculum used for implementation of the 6-7 hour Green Dot etc. Bystander Training
  • A practical model to guide your community mobilization efforts

Upon completion of the training each participant will receive:

  • The Green Dot etc. Instructor Certification required to launch Green Dot etc..
  • The necessary permission and materials to use Green Dot etc. in your community.
  • A Green Dot etc. Instructor’s Manual, including the curriculum for the foundational Green Dot etc. Overview and the in depth Green Dot etc. Bystander Training, as well as background and foundational information on the Green Dot etc. Strategy.
  • Electronic versions of set all necessary graphics and templates for launching the social marketing and awareness aspects of Green Dot etc., support materials for instructors including powerpoint presentation and original video clips used in training.


Green Dot Institute

ONSITE TRAINING AVAILABLE For information about scheduling on onsite training contact us at info@livethegreendot.com.

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At Green Dot, etcetera,  our work goes beyond the Green Dot program itself. As leaders in violence prevention, we provide training, technical assistance, and program development for individuals, schools, and organizations both domestically and internationally as they work to foster safe communities. We are proud to be a technical assistance provider for the U.S. Department of Justice, Office o Violence Against Women Campus Program.  To learn more about that initiative, please visit our OVW Technical Assistance section.


Check out Dorothy Edwards discussing Green Dot on Kentucky Educational Television.

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We are collaborating with Hollaback! to support their amazing efforts to address street harassment. To learn more about street harassment and how you can do your part to reduce it, check out ihollaback.org.